A day in the life of Elijah Gray | January 2017

January 07, 2017  •  2 Comments

It's my little guy's 2nd birthday tomorrow (where did the time go?!) 

I often feel as though I could write endlessly on how much being a mama means but, other times, words just aren't adequate. 

In honor of his big day, I wanted to show a glimpse into what a typical day in his precious little one year old life was like (maybe more for myself than for him, to be honest!)

Most of our days could be considered boring, but each day we strive to make sure it is filled with laughter and lots of love.


To my sweet babe, I love you more than you will ever know and I am so incredibly proud to be your mama. Happy Birthday.


"You’re here for a reason. If you think you’re not, I would just say that perhaps you forgot — a piece of the world that is precious and dear would surely be missing if you were not here. If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, this place we call home would be minus a part.   

Thank goodness you’re here! Thank goodness times TWO! I just can’t imagine a world without you."

- Nancy Tillman


Loved seeing a day filled with this precious little man and his family! Thank you so much for sharing! Happiest of birthdays to you sweet Elijah!
Kathleen Andrus(non-registered)
Simply real and beautiful!
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