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Anyone who knows me can tell you firsthand how much I love babies! I have to say, my own baby is my favorite, but I love  a l l   things baby. Not just cute little baby humans either- I love baby animals and baby sized things just as equally I think! Ok, maybe not quite as much, but pretty close!

From my personal experience, I truly believe that the newborn stage is the most challenging and rewarding times of a new parent's life.It's hard to describe or put into words, honestly!

In the moment of sleepless nights and whirlwind emotions, it feels like an eternity. However, it's gone in a blink and though each new stage of your child's life is amazing, you will always long for the newborn stage. There just isn't anything else like it. 

Pictures have a way of holding onto memories (this is why I became passionate about photography!) and if there is ever a time that you'll wish you could hold onto time, it's when your baby is a newborn!

If you've got a newborn, my one piece of advice is, simply, to savor every moment!

Suwanee Newborn Photographer


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